Succession Plan

Why Our Succession Plan is Important to You

Proper planning for your future involves maintaining long term relationships with trusted advisors. For the greatest chance of financial success for you and your loved ones it is critical that your advisors, i.e. your financial planners and estate planning attorneys, work with you over time. These long standing relationships are based on mutual trust and respect. Trust and respect need time to be nurtured, but are the foundation that supports customized financial advice and guidance.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of financial planners do not have a succession plan in place; there is no game plan in place for clients and employees in the event of death or disability of the financial planner(s). Currently, the majority of independent financial planners either sell their business or merge with another entity to create their own exit strategy.

We formed Hart & Patterson Financial Group in 1992. Since that time, it has been our priority to build a firm within our community that would remain locally owned and independent beyond our own retirements. That is exactly what we have done. What does that mean to our clients? It means that continuity in advice and guidance will be available to you. You will not have to find a new financial planning firm as you age. This continuity allows us to create relationships that last for generations, not for just a few years. We believe that experienced financial planners working within a framework structured to provide advice for generations allows for truly long term advice and guidance.

Our succession plan means stability for our firm and gives us the ability to stay focused on our clients. Our firm of caring and competent employees will work together to take care of you and your loved ones for years to come.

We did not build a business to sell to the highest bidder; we built a firm that would flourish long after our own retirements. We are locally owned and independent and built to stay that way.